Tennis Career

Anirban Baruah was born in Assam, India. He began playing tennis at the age of 4. By the age of 9 he had distinguished himself as a gifted tennis prodigy, and left his family to move to Bangkok, Thailand to train with the best tennis coaches in Asia.

Tutu playing at Wimbledon in 1993, age 15
Tutu playing at Wimbledon in 1993, age 15

Before the age of 15, Tutu qualified for multiple Grand Slam tournaments – playing in the Australian Open, U.S. Open, Wimbledon. He competed in numerous Challenger Events and traveled around the world as part of Thailand’s Davis Cup team. He was also one of the youngest juniors in the world to accumulate five computer points on the men’s ranking. Tutu has trained with some of the top coaches and players in the world.

Since 2001, Tutu has dedicated himself to helping others study the game of tennis. He currently works as a tennis pro at Kettering Tennis Club and Quail Tennis Club in Dayton, Ohio.

He is now on a quest to find and develop players with the highest aptitude so that he can guide them to becoming world-class tennis players. He travels around the world to work with gifted players who are interested in taking their careers to the next level.

Tennis Philosophy

Anyone who spends just a few moments with Tutu will quickly realize that he has a profound respect and love for the game of tennis. His philosophy and approach to game are quite unique.

Tutu at U.S. Open, 1994
Tutu at U.S. Open

Whereas many coaches focus on "teaching" tennis, Tutu views himself as a perpetual student of the game. Just as a doctor studies medicine, a physicist dissects theories, or an artisan perfects his craft - Tutu immerses himself in gaining a complete awareness and understanding of all aspects of the game.

His spirit of curiosity and his unquenchable thirst for knowledge drive him to see deeply into every element with the most profound sense of inquisitiveness – always asking: “how could this be improved?”

As a player, Tutu’s sense of his body, the court, the ball, his opponent, and the environment reveals a genius-level, intuitive ability to make split-second assessments. His athletic prowess and speed enable him to respond with the most precise and calculated reactions.

Watching Tutu play is like watching a master craftsman at work. His love and respect for the game are contagious, and others are drawn to his deliberate and thoughtful approach to every detail of the sport.

How Tutu Works With His Students

Any student who has trained with Tutu will describe training sessions as "intense, highly focused, challenging, and richly rewarding."

Tutu comes fully prepared to each training session and expects his students to do the same. A successful session is one in which the student comes prepared (warmed up, stretched, and ready to work).

Tutu's coaching expertise is sought out from players around the world. His primary location is in Dayton, Ohio - where he offers a variety of training types for different players and readiness levels.

Learn More About Ways to Train with Tutu

One of Tutu's recent visits to India where he was recognized for his contribution to the development of junior tennis.

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