Frequently asked questions

What are the expectations for the player?

Becoming a world-class tennis player is nearly impossible. Becoming a great tennis player is much easier. The dedication or want that a player must continually exhibit plays a critical role in the level they will ultimately attain. Some basic principles for players to be ready for the lesson include being prepared (equipment is ready, player is warmed up and ready, and the player has reviewed the previous material from lessons).

What are the roles of parents or supporting people in the player’s development?

It is important for the people involved to be supportive of the player’s development by providing the necessary resources for success (equipment, nutrition, discipline etc). Your role is critical to the development of the player and when a question arises as to your role it is best to ask Tutu so both parties can reach a good solution to move forward.

What can I expect for my child after working with Tutu?

Tutu understands the game and knows what is needed for player development. Tutu is a direct and caring coach. He realizes that time is finite and coaching must be communicated honestly with little confusing. As such, there are clearly defined steps that must take place in order for improvement. This may mean that former stroke production will be altered. Altering strokes takes time, dedication, and patience. With any change, one should expect a period of time for adjustment. Once the skills are learned their tennis ability will be undoubtedly more efficient and effective.

Why should I pick Tutu for myself or for my child?

Tutu is a different coach and provides a very different experience for two main reasons: 1) his experience as a top ranked player, and 2) his tennis knowledge.

First, Tutu has 35 years of experience at the very top level in tennis. He has been ranked as high as 14 in the world as a junior and competed with the likes of Tommy Haas (former #2 in the world), Gustavo Kuerten (former #1 in the world), Marcelo Rios (former #1 in the world), and many other top ranked players. Tutu has played in the major championships (Wimbledon, US-Open etc).

Unfortunately, injuries shortened his career with respect to competing at the very top level. The second main reason why Tutu provides a different experience is because he has taken applied the same dedication as he did as a player to becoming the best coach. This discipline has led to the understanding of all aspects of tennis and an ability to not only correctly identify flaws but to correct them in a systematic method.

His knowledge and coaching abilities regarding stroke production, mental toughness, injury prevention, and what it takes to become a world-class player is incredibly rare (not just in Dayton Ohio, but also in the entire US). If you want a world-class coach to help you or someone you know reach high levels within tennis, then Tutu should be your pick as a coach.