Tutu offers different types of training depending on each student's personal goals and readiness level.

Learn more about Tutu's training options below.

Individual Training

Intense hitting, stroke development, practice play, strategy, coaching, competition preparation, physical training and more. This experience is completely catered to the student's needs and goals.

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Hitting Training

These groups are by invitation only. Individuals of similar levels will meet to train through drills, strategy sessions, and practice play to supplement their individual training sessions.

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Stroke Analysis

Students who are having a problem with one of their strokes or a focused question about their game or equipment will meet with Tutu. He will analyze their stroke and provide specific feedback from what he sees so that they can apply changes in their regular play. This is intended to be a one-time session to answer a specific question.

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Small Group Classes

Small, self-organized groups will meet to learn more about "Science of Tennis" through drills, practice play, and on-court strategy training. Those who play together regularly use this time to improve their collective skills.

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Partner Hitting

Individuals hit with a partner who is of a similar skill level - specific strategies are practiced, with observation and feedback of both players' games.

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Hosted by Tutu, these are short off-court seminars open to all students and the public. Each 30-minute session will review 1-narrow topic in depth. Students can ask questions and engage in discussion to further their understanding.

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