Small Group Classes

Small, self-organized groups will meet to learn more about "Science of Tennis" through drills, practice play, and on-court strategy training. Those who play together regularly use this time to improve their collective skills.

Ideal For

Individuals who play regular competitive tennis as part of club leagues, or those preparing to play competitive tennis. Individuals can form their own small groups or if space permits, they can join existing groups.

Target Objectives

To introduce techniques and strategies that will help the majority of people in the group. Strategies for doubles and singles will be introduced. Technical skills willl also be introduced and practiced.

Instructor:Student Ratio

Tutu works with a small group of students with a ratio of 1:2 through 1:4.


60-90 MInutes


1-2x Weekly

Price for Service

2 People - $50/hour each
3 People - $35/hour each
4 People - $30/hour each

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