Stroke Analysis

Students who are having a problem with one of their strokes or a focused question about their game or equipment will meet with Tutu. He will analyze their stroke and provide specific feedback from what he sees so that they can apply changes in their regular play. This is intended to be a one-time session to answer a specific question.

Ideal For

Individuals who play regularly and who feel frustrated with a particular stroke or someone who has a very focused question related to their game. This session is perfect for them if they would like a professional to review their stroke and provide feedback. Common goals of these sessions: to improve performance, reduce injury, increase power, or choose equipment (racquet, strings, or grip).

Target Objectives

To review, analyze, breakdown, and provide specific feedback for a particular stroke. In this session, some ideas and advice on how to improve will be given. The feedback can be incorporated by the student on his/her own through their regular classes, with a ball machine, or hitting practice. Tutu may recommend that the session is repeated to check for progress after some time has passed. As this is intended to be a highly-focused session, students should anticipate only working on one topic in this session.

Instructor:Student Ratio

Tutu works individually with the student in a 1:1 setting.


30-60 MInutes


Ad Hoc as Needed

Price for Service

$50 for a 30-Minute Session
$85 for a 60-Minute Session

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